• Diego Valley Public Charter School in San Diego, CA is enrolling year-round!
  • Get your High School Diploma now with 210 credits!
  • Get FREE tutoring when you enroll! Call us at 1(877)360-LEARN!
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High School Diploma in San Diego County

  • Walk into one of Diego Valley's locations in San Diego County and you will feel the difference. Our centers are warm, friendly, secure, and foster a new kind of learning.
  • In addition to our revolutionary Independent Learning program, Diego Valley now offers online classesCareer & Job Training, Free tutoring and more - at NO cost to the student!  Diego Valley Charter School is a WASC accredited California public charter and provides highly qualified teachers, student mentors, and expert tutors who deliver a personalized learning model of instruction. Students ​are required meet with a Supervising Teacher for weekly appointments and can earn (up to) 3 High School Credits per week.

Are you 14-19 years old and need your high school diploma?

Diego Valley Charter School is enrolling year-round! Diego Valley proudly serves as the educational provider for nonprofit organizations who provide a "wraparound service model; including college readiness, employability skills, and paid internships. Enrollment is open to students aged 17-24 depending on partner program eligibility. Our independent study personalized learning high school diploma program is 100% FREE to you!

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